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Submission of letter to Chief Postmaster,Chennai GPO for Cadre Restructuring

The Chief Postmaster,
Chennai GPO-600001
Respected Sir,
Sub: - Cadre Restructuring in Group-C –C/O Chennai GPO 600001- Reg
Ref:     1. D.G. Post letter No. 25-04/2012-PE-I dated 27th May, 2016.
            2. C.O memo no ESB/15-Cadre Gr –C /2016/HSG Dated 28-02-2017
3. C.O memo no ESB/15-Cadre Gr –C /2016/LSG Dated 28-02-2017
A kind reference is invited to the memos cited above.
While appreciating the concept of the cadre restructuring in Group-C cadre by the Department, many branch unions have reservations in identifying the Posts for upgradation and in the process of implementation.
This is very much pertinent in respect of Chennai GPO which has strong apprehensions in the minds of the officials particularly among the officials in the ‘senior most’ zone in the newly drafted Circle Gradation List Postal Assistant.
First of all, it appears that the suggestions put forth by this branch union for identifying the post for upgradation and also the manner of implementation have not been heeded by the administration.
To elaborate the issue for clear understanding, our service unions put forth the following suggestions in nutshell for reconsideration and requesting for fresh amendments in identifying the Posts.

At present the following are the establishment of Chennai GPO.
HSG-I                         8 Posts
HSG-II                       4 Posts
LSG                            30 Posts
Postal Assistants        184 Posts
In the cadre restructuring orders the following posts have been identified for this office:
HSG-I                         12 Posts
HSG-II                       30 Posts
LSG                            9 Posts
Postal Assistants        175 Posts
Chennai GPO is a prestigious office and the status has to be maintained to have the legacy of the Department and of the Circle.
At present 7 sevenHSG-I posts are vacant and now it will be 11 vacant post in HSG-I after cadre restructuring which will definitely affect the performance of the office. There is no point in identifying posts in Higher Cadre keeping very lean establishment in lower operative level posts such as LSG and Postal Assistant. It will be like a huge Head with very weak and feeble limbs.
Similarly, in HSG-II category, after cadre restructuring, this office will have 30 Number of posts. Here again at present there are only  Post filled in resulting in leaving behind all the other  post vacant.
Therefore, all the posts in HSG-I and in HSG-II could not be filled in near future, as the officials with required qualifying service conditions may not be available in near future. Not only that if more number of Supervisory posts are identified the operative nature of counter works and back office work will be affected as these HSGI/HSG I officials could not be forced to work in clerical posts till such time all the posts are filled in.
More over due to identification of large number of LSG posts in Circle, the senior most officials in Chennai GPO will be promoted in PA cadre and be posted in other Divisions as only 9 post in LSG grade is identified. Of these 9 LSG posts, 6 Post are identified for Treasury Branch. This means all the standard LSG officials now holding norm based supervisory posts will have to occupy the Treasury Post and work as Postal Assistant in Treasury Branch. Apart from this, out of 11 LSG officials working in Chennai GPO now, two have to move out of office if Cadre restructuring implemented in LSG cadre unless the service condition for filling the HSG II posts are not relaxed immediately.
As per latest Circle Gradation list of Postal Assistant, nearly 42 Postal Assistants are with in the Zone of consideration for LSG promotion immediately. If these 42 officials are offered LSG promotion, then they will have occupy LSG post in the neighbouring Division as there is no LSG posts available in Chennai GPO which will have cascading effect of further reduction in PA cadre.
To add all these, Chennai GPO will have at least 40 post vacant in PA cadre immediately coupled with 30 HSG II and 12 HSG I posts vacant in this office if the service condition for filling the HSG II / HSGI posts are not relaxed immediately. This will create unrest among the officials and displeasure from Members of Public besides the decline in business performance of the office.
In this connection kindly recall the representation submitted by the undersigned to the GPO administration regarding the identification of LSG Posts after cadre restructuring. It is also pertinent to note that the justification sent by Chennai GPO administration to Regional Office as detailed below, has not been considered in allocation of LSG Posts to Chennai GPO.

Before CRS
Proposed on CRS


Therefore, the union of Chennai GPO urge the Administration to consider the following for minimal disturbance of staff and keeping the pace of Business performance of Chennai GPO in positive upward trend.

1.      There should be a constant and justified ratio between the ‘Supervisor’ and the ‘Supervised’   to have smooth functioning of the operative nature of work which will uphold the “Work ethics” in all branches. Therefore, it requested to maintain at least 1: 4 ratios may kindly be considered and maintained which yield the LSG strength as 45.
2.      Chennai GPO cannot be equated with any other offices for fixing norms for LSG & HSG II like for Single hand and Double hand office. The ‘Supervisor’ and the ‘Supervised’ ratio alone be the just and equitable at present to consider allotting additional posts for Chennai GPO and not for the Treasury branch.
3.      Postings in LSG may be considered for Divisionalisation, and in such case the officials of Chennai GPO can be accommodated in Chennai GPO itself if more number of LSG posts are identified.
4.      To keep the overall strength of this office in tact the newly identified HSG II posts may be restored as LSG to that extent if required.
5.      In Chennai GPO, new products are often introduced and very recently this office has been identified as all India Nodal office for “Direct Benefit Transfer” (DBT) . This justifies a branch with Few LSG officials under the Supervision of HSG-I. There is clearing House in Chennai GPO, and this has not at all been considered for allotment of LSG posts for this office.
6.      If LSG posts are available, the officials newly to be posted in such LSG posts can be forced to look after the clerical nature of work. But the Supervisory Officials posted in HSG I/II posts cannot be compelled to do clerical nature of work. As such, identification and allotment of more number of posts in LSG cadre is very much essential.
7.      In this regard, it is pertinent to mention here that, nearly 98 LSG posts are not yet identified which have already been allotted to Tamilnadu Circle vide reference 1
above. Further, it is requested to consider minimum of 40 posts as requested by Chennai GPO Administration which is to the same proportion of allotment in other units such as RLO, PSD and CSD.
The issues put forth above may kindly taken up with Circle Administration through R.O to redress the grievance of officials in implementation the Cadre restructuring.
Thanking you,
                                                                                                Yours Sincerely,

(K. Murali)
Copy to:
1. The Post Master General,(CCR), Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai 600002 for information.
2. The Circle Secretary, AIPEU P-3 , T Nagar HPO for information and to take up the issue with Circle Administration and ensure the welfare of Chennai GPO is not affected.

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