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Bandh hits banking and postal service

Striking impact: Several nationalized banks either wore a deserted look with skeleton staff or were forced to down shutters owing to strike called by trade unions on Tuesday. Operations in most public sector banks were disrupted while postal and transport services were partially affected on Tuesday in the wake of general strike called by the Central trade unions.

Several industries around the city, including Ashok Leyland and T.I. Group, were also affected as employees stayed away. With 15 bank unions, including All India Bank Employees Association and Bank Employees Federation of India, on the forefront of the strike call, branches of several public sector banks and some private banks remained closed owing to thin attendance of employees.

The strike was part of the nationwide bandh called by the unions against the hike in prices of essential commodities and the new pension scheme. Trade unions held demonstrations across the city demanding setting up of a committee for unorganized workers, fixing of Rs.10,000 as minimum monthly wage and strict enforcement of labour laws.

Some customers, like 70-year-old D. Leela, who were unaware of the strike, returned home without carrying out their transaction. Ms. Leela, a resident of Kilpauk, said, “My pension gets credited in this bank and I do not know how to operate the ATM. I visit the bank only once or twice a month. I have to come again tomorrow to withdraw cash.” Many branches wore a deserted look as most of the clerical staff did not turn up for duty.

An official of a nationalized bank in Anna Nagar said, “We had intimated customers and put up notices in all branches asking them to complete their transactions before Tuesday to avoid inconvenience. We filled cash in the ATMs on Monday. But, cash cannot be replenished again as I need a clerical staff member to do the task with me.”

Daily operations of business people in the city were also affected. S. Lakshmi, a resident of Avadi, said, “I had transferred money through RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) from my branch to supplier's bank account three days ago. But it has not reached the supplier. I have to wait till tomorrow to credit the cash and also find out the status of earlier transaction.”

According to banks' trade unions, nearly 14,000 of 18,000 employees in the city participated in the strike. Staff of the Reserve Bank of India and the insurance sector also took part in the bandh.
C.H. Venkatachalam, general secretary of All India Bank Employees' Association, said: “Cash and cheque clearing operations were affected in many banks in Chennai. We are against banking reforms, outsourcing of permanent jobs and privatization.”

Members of three unions — All India Bank Officers' Confederation, Indian National Bank Officers Congress and National Union of Bank Employees — refrained from the strike.

Postal services too were hit as many customers avoided post offices fearing low attendance. While head post offices had sufficient staff members with only 20 per cent remaining off duty, the smaller ones were affected by the strike. J. Srivenkatesh, Circle president, All India Postal Employees' Union, Tamil Nadu Circle, said that nearly 4,000 postal employees participated in the strike. Of the nearly 220 post offices in Chennai and suburbs, about 190 did not have full-fledged operations. As postmen were not available, delivery of letters and speed posts were hit.

Residents who went to tahsildar's offices in the suburbs, such as Ambattur, also returned disappointed as there were not sufficient personnel to provide pattas or legal heir certificates.Commuters, however, managed to travel to their destinations as more than half of the Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses and auto rickshaws plied. M.V. Krishnan, vice-president of Centre of Indian Trade Unions, Chennai district, said nearly 40 per cent of the MTC buses and auto rickshaws were not operated.

Source : The Hindu


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Taking of KYC docs at the time of maturity- related order

Actions plans to identify potential areas of corruption- related order


General Secretary’s Desk

One Day Strike on 28.02.2012
The call for Nationwide industrial action on 28.02.2012 organised by all the 15 Central Trade Unions including INTUC, AITUC, CITU, BMS, HMS etc. is the last option since all their avenues of protest like dharnas, demonstrations, rallies and finally the Jail Bharo Programmes besides raising the issues relating to labour and common people at various forums yielded no results. It is rather found that labour was becoming an unwanted agenda for the Governments.
The Postal JCA after long discussions called upon all the Postal workers to join the strike and save the nation and protect the labour from neo economic policies adopted at the centre. The strike notice was served to the department on 10.02.2012.
All Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries are requested to organize the workers by holding meetings at various work spots and ensure 100% participation in the ensuing 28.02.2012 strike.
Puri Workshop – An Historic Success
The workshop organized by the CHQ at Puri from 04.02.2012 to 05.02.2012 ended with resounding success. The aim for which it was convened has been fulfilled and in the examination held among the participants, many secured very good percentage which exhibits the success of the workshop. Full details of the workshop is being published in the Website/Bhartiya Post. The valuated answer sheet has been despatched to all the participants respectively.
Let us convene our next workshop shortly. The willing circle to host the next workshop may please be come forward immediately in order to organize the next workshop either in the month of July or August 2012.
Central Working Committee Meeting – Patna
It is decided to hold the next Central Working Committee Meeting of our union at Patna from 10.04.2012 to 11.04.2012, All CHQ office bearers are requested to book their tickets well in advance. Formal notice will be despatched to them after the finalization of venue and agenda.
JCM Departmental Council
JCM Departmental Council was held on 10.02.2012 and 49 new subjects were discussed. Earlier on 02.02.2012, the standing committee was held to discuss about the pending issues placed in the JCM meeting. The minutes of both the meetings will be published after its receipt. The demands already placed for discussions in the meeting but discussed during strike charters were not discussed again. The Secretary assured that all the items discussed and decided earlier will be finalized at the earliest possible.
System Administrators case – Separate cadre
The case was again discussed in the standing committee meeting of the Departmental Council held on 02.02.2012. It was informed that further action on this case will be taken after finalization of the proposal of the cadre Review committee. However the Member (Personnel) reiterated that creation of a separate cadre may not be feasible. She explained that there will be a limited chance for ‘System Administrators’ further promotion in a separate cadre and further DOP&T may insist on direct recruitment only. The chance for absorption of the existing system administrators will also be remote as separate qualification etc will be fixed for the post. In short the Postal Board is not in favour of creation of separate cadre. Our demand for separate cadre is also not rejected. A final decision will be taken only after the finalisation of the proposals by the Cadre review committee in which we are demanding the formation of System Assistant Posts with further promotional avenues.
GDS Protection of TRCA
In order to implement the assurances of Hon’ble State Minister of communication to Staff side on 20.01.2012, Postal Board constituted a committee of officers to examine the GDS cases including cash handling norms remittances from BO to AO etc for brought under norms, protection of TRCA etc under the chairmanship of Sri. V. P. Singh DDG (Establishment). The Committee will submit its report within a month.
Committee on Casual labourers problems
Member (Personnel) informed that the committed on Casual Labourers problems headed by Assam Chief PMG has submitted its report and it is under examination by the Directorate. The staff side has also submitted its suggestions on casual labourers. It was assured that a decision will be arrived within one month.
Clear Quota, Bhartiya Post Dues & Publications
Many divisions are still keeping dues and not clearing the full Quota, Dues on journals and publications. The two financial years for determination of delegates will end on 31.03.2012. All Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to clear the Quota, and all dues forthwith without  inviting reminders.
Hand Book 2012
Many divisions/branches have not indented Hand Book 2012 and the CHQ has sent only one copy to them. It is needless to say that it should be supplied to all new entrants as well as all office bearers atleast. Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to kindly make required indent immediately.
Let us meet in the next and till then with greetings,
Comradely yours,
K. V. Sridharan
General Secretary


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Postal Department applies to RBI for banking licence

The Postal Department has applied to the Reserve Bank of India for a banking licence, the Communications Minister, Mr Kapil Sibal, said here on Wednesday. 

Mr Sibal said he had written to the Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, to expedite the granting of licence. 

Speaking on the sidelines of the postal policy round table organised by FICCI, Mr Sibal said, “A national postal policy targeting expansion and modernisation of the postal network would be announced during this year. The Government does not intend to issue licences to courier service companies, but would make it mandatory for them to register.” 

Aimed at modernising postal services, the policy is expected to make the department adopt a more financially viable revenue model. It would also provide affordable services at all points in the country as part of its Universal Service Obligation, the Minister said. 

The Department is also expecting large-scale private sector participation in providing value added services and extending its product range beyond the current core functions.
“There are tremendous opportunities for the private corporate sector to use its ingenuity to create innovative products and delivery mechanisms through the Indian postal network,” Mr Sibal said.
India currently has 1.55 lakh post offices, 95 per cent of which are located in rural areas. 

Source: The HINDU



Sub: Implementation of Redesigned Network for First Class Mail.
D.G. Posts No.30-7/2012-D Dated 01-02-2012

The matter relating to restructuring the existing operational network and processing arrangements for First Class mail (Unregistered and Registered) was under consideration at this Directorate as part of the Mail Network Optimization Project. The issue has been examined in detail, and in this context following instructions are issued.
2. Under the new operational arrangements, the existing mail offices have been classified into Level 1 (L-1) and Level 2 (L-2) mail offices. There would be 89 L-1 and 244 L-2 mail offices under the new set up. The list of L-1 and L-2 mail offices for First Class unregistered mail is given as Annexure I. The list of L-1 and L-2 mail offices for Registered mail is given as Annexure II.
3. The manner of closing of bags between mail offices (handling unregistered and registered mail) would be as follows:-
(a) All L-1 mail offices will close direct bags for each other. An L-1 office will also close bags for all L-2 offices as well as delivery post offices mapped/attached to it.
(b) All L-2 offices attached/mapped to it an L-1 office can close bags for that particular office. An L-2 office may also close bags for all other L-2 offices mapped to the same L-1 office if the need be. It will also close bags for all delivery post offices mapped to it.
( c) An L-2 mail office would not close bags for any other L-1 office to which it is not mapped. Similarly an L-2 office will not close bags for any other L-2 office which is not mapped to the same L-1 office. However, there may be a situation where an L-2 office may require closing bags for an L-1 or L-2 office falling in the same circle or neighbouring circle for transmission advantage. Circles should try to keep this number to the bare minimum to the extent possible. In all such exceptional cases, the circle concerned should furnish the list of such offices and destinations for which bag closing is required and seek approval of the Directorate.
4. A sorting extract based on PIN range for both unregistered and registered mail has been prepared for the purpose of sorting at the mail offices under the new arrangement and the same is being communicated by e-mail to the Circles. The same may be brought to the notice of all concerned. The information on mapping of all delivery post offices to their parent mail offices is also being provided by e-mail.
5. In case of metro cities such as Mumbai and Chennai, where more than one mail office are handling unregistered mail, such offices would continue to function as inward/outward /surface/air segments of the L-1 offices as the case may be. Bags for these cities will be closed based on the mode of transport through which they are routed by other L-1 or L-2 offices (air or surface)
6. Post Offices would prepare two kinds of bags (separate for unregistered and registered mail) for their parent mail office (L-1 or L-2 as the case may be), which would be as follows.
(a) A bag containing TD mail to be delivered by post offices mapped to the same parent mail office (for unregistered mail)
(b) A bag containing non-TD (NTD) i.e. all mail other than TD , to be delivered by post offices not mapped to the same parent mail office (for unregistered mail)
( c) A bag containing TD mail to be delivered by the post offices mapped to the same parent mail office ( for registered mail).
(d) A bag containing non-TD (NTD) mail, i.e. all mail other than TD, to be delivered by post offices no mapped to the same parent mail office (for registered mail)
(e) Post Offices would continue to retain station article i.e. articles to be delivered from the same post office in case of both unregistered and registered articles.
6. The bags to be closed between L-1 offices, between an L-1 office and L-2 offices mapped to it and vice versa, and between L-1/L-2 offices and post offices mapped to them and vice versa will be treated as “Due Bags” . The issue would be reviewed after a month of implementation of the redesigned network and changes will be done, if necessary, based on the mail volume.
7. The sorting cases and diagram at L-1 mail offices may be reorganized as follows:-
(a) Type I (For sorting of inbound TD and Local TD mail) : Preliminary and secondary level selections should be provided for (i) inbound/incoming mail received from other L-1 offices and meant for delivery post offices andL-2 mail offices mapped to the L-1 office and (ii) Local TD ( including catchment area of the L-1 office) mail received from all post offices mapped to the L-1 and to be delivered by the delivery post offices mapped to the L-1 office
(b) Type II (Non TD) Preliminary and secondary level selections should be provided for outbound /non-TD mail received from attached post offices and L-2 mail offices of the L-1 office and meant for other L-1 offices as well as L-2 mail offices mapped to the L-1 office under reference.
8. The sorting cases and diagram at L-2 mail offices may be reorganized as follows :
(a) Type I (Inbound TD and Local TD) : Preliminary and secondary level selections should be provided for (i) inbound/incoming mail received from parent L-1 office to which the L-2 office is mapped as well as other designated L-2 offices, and meant for delivery post offices mapped to the L-2 officer and (ii) Local TD (including catchment area of the L-2 office) mail received from all post offices mapped to the L-2 and to be delivered by the delivery post offices mapped to the L-2 office.
(b) Type II (Non –TD) Preliminary and secondary level selections should be provided for (i) inbound/non- TD received from attached post offices of the L-2 office and meant for other L-1 and L-2 offices.
(c) At some L-2 mail offices, there could be a situation where only one type of sorting case/diagram is sufficient to incorporate all selections in terms of local TD, inbound TD and non –TD mail . In such cases, only one type of sorting case/diagram should be used.
9. The sorting logic/diagram for Type I and II sorting cases described in para 8 above should be redesigned by each mail office based on the average mail volume for various destinations (mail offices and post offices, as the case may be). The destination with relatively higher mail volume should be kept for sorting under preliminary selection. The Circle may note that all mail offices under the new set up are expected to complete sorting for all destinations under two-stage sorting, and therefore, it is important to keep the exceptions mentioned in para 3 (c)above to the bare minimum.
10. The existing arrangement for bag closing at Business Post Centres (BPCs) and Mail Business Centres (MBCs) handling outward bulk mail would continue for the time being. Instructions in this regard would be issued separately at the later date.
11. The new operational network would come into effect from 15th February, 2012. All Circles and APS Directorate may complete action required to migrate to the new network by 14th February, 2012.
Receipt of this memo may be acknowledged to Shri M.B.Gajbhiye, ADG (MO) Room No. 337, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001.
Director (Mail Management)



வீறு கொண்டு எழுவோம் !   வேலை நிறுத்த  களம் நோக்கி !

கடுகி வரும் உலக மயம்
தொழிலை விற்று    காசாக்கும் தனியார் மயம்
பெட்டிக்குள்ளே அடங்குகின்ற கணினி மயம்
உலக வங்கி அடுக்குகளில் வட்டி மயம் 
பருத்திக் காட்டில் நட,  மலட்டு விதை மயம் 
சந்தையில்  வேற்று நாட்டாரின் பொருள் மயம்
நூறு கோடி மடங்குகளில் கடன் வாங்கி நாடெங்கும் கடன் மயம் !

தாராளமயத்தின் தலைவிரி கோலம்-
உலகக் கோடீஸ்வரர்கள் பட்டியலில்
இந்தியர்கள் எண்ணிக்கை முப்பது என்று ! 
'BT'  விதையால்  பட்டினிச்  சாவோ 
'விதர்பா'  'தெலுங்கானாவில்' 
முப்பதாயிரம் பேர் என்று !
இது தானே இந்தியக் கணக்கு ? 

அரியணை மயக்கத்தில் அரசியல் வாதிகள் 
திரை மயக்கத்தில் இளைஞர்கள் 
சின்னத் திரையில் தாய்மார்கள் 
பட்டி மன்றத்திலோ பகட் டாளர்கள்
இரவைத் தொலைத்த 'IT' படிப்பாளர்கள்
சாலையோரத்தில் வேலையற்ற வீணர்கள் 
பசி மயக்கத்தில் அடித்தட்டு உழைப்பாளர்கள் 
எங்கே போனது எங்கள் இந்தியா ?

உருப்படாமல் செய்துவிட்டது உலகமயம் !
விவசாயத்தில் வைத்த கொள்ளி ' மான்சாண்டோ '
சில்லறை வர்த்தகத்தில்  கொள்ளி ' வால்மார்ட்டும்' ' ரிலையன்ஸ்'உம்
மின்சாரத்தில் வைத்த கொள்ளி ' என்ரான் '
அணுசக்தியிலோ அதன் பெயர் 'ஸ்டெரிலைட்'
குளிர் பானத்தில் வைத்த கொள்ளி ' பெப்சி - கோக்'
அஞ்சலில் வைத்த கொள்ளி " மெக்கென்சி "
அடுத்தவர்கள் வீடு எரிய நாம் பார்த்த "கொள்ளி"  
இன்று நம் அடுப்படியில் .

தொலைத் தொடர்புத் துறை தொலைந்து போய் நாளாச்சு
2G யில் விற்று முதல் சேர்ந்தாச்சு
BSNL துறையிருந்தும் தனியார் மயம் ஆயாச்சு
அஞ்சலுக்கும் அந்த கதி வந்தாச்சு
பென்சனும் கூட அன்னியர் கை போயாச்சு
ஊரே சேர்ந்து போராட - நீ ஒதுங்கி நின்றால்
உன் துறையில் போராட யார் வருவார் ?

இதுவெல்லாம் "கம்யூனிசப் போராட்டம்" என்று
கதைக்கின்ற "கோயபல்ஸ்" இங்கு உண்டு
அப்படியானால் வணிகர் சங்க 'வெள்ளையன்' கம்யூனிஸ்டா ?
'வைகோ'வும் 'நெடுமாறனும்' கூட கம்யூனிஸ்டா ?
அடிக்கடி அன்னியர் மய ஆபத்து என்று எழுதும்
'ஆனந்த விகடன் ' கம்யூனிஸ்டா?
'இந்துவும்'  'தினமணியும்' என்ன
"தீக்கதிரும்'  ' ஜனசக்தியுமா? "

'92 இல் தேசத் துரோக வேலை நிறுத்தம் என்று எழுதிய
பத்திரிகைகள் -  அன்று
2012  இல் தேச பக்தியாய் போராட பத்திகள் பல எழுதும்
பத்திரிகைகள்  - இன்று
இதைத்தானே விடாமல்
சொன்னோம் நாம் - நின்று 

மீண்டும் ஒரு சுதந்திரப் போர் - அதன்  
துவக்கத்தில் நாம்
வீரபாண்டிய கட்ட பொம்மனாய்
வீறு கொண்டு எழுவோம்
"எட்டப்பனாய்" இருந்து இழி சொல்

"சிப்பாய்க் கலகம்"  போல
இதுவும் ஒரு படியே  - ' தண்டி ' யாத்திரையும் 
'ஜாலியன் வாலாபாக் ' கும் போல இனி உண்டு 
மீண்டும் சுதந்திரப் போராட்டம் அன்னியரை எதிர்த்து !
வீறு கொள்வோம் - வேலை நிறுத்தக்
களம் நோக்கி எழுவோம்!   28.2.இல் சரித்திரம் படைப்போம்!

போராட்ட வாழ்த்துக்களுடன்
J.R.  மாநிலச் செயலர் . 
(மேலே கண்ட உரையில் ஒரு  வரியில் சிறு மாற்றம் - உரையின் நோக்கம்  அனைத்து தோழமை உள்ளங்களையும்  போராட்ட களம் நோக்கி ஈர்த்திடவே அன்றி , எவர் மனதையும் புண் படுத்த அல்ல என்பதே )


இந்திய நாட்டின் அனைத்து தொழிற் சங்கங்களின் சார்பில்  எதிர்வரும் 28.02.2012  அன்று நடைபெறுவதாக அறிவிக்கப்பட்டுள்ள   வேலை நிறுத்த அறை கூவலை ஏற்று  நமது அஞ்சல் துறையிலும்  NFPE, FNPO  மற்றும்  GDS  ஊழியர்  சங்கங்களின் JCA  சார்பாக இந்த வேலை நிறுத்தத்தை வெற்றிகரமாக நடத்துவது என்று முடிவு எடுக்கப்பட்டு  வேலை நிறுத்த நோட்டீஸ் உம் வழங்கப் பட்டுள்ளது.  

மத்திய அரசின் மக்கள் விரோத,  தொழிலாளர் விரோத கொள்கைகளையும் திட்டங்களையும்  எதிர்த்து நாடு தழுவிய அளவில் அனைத்து பகுதி தொழிலாளர்களையும் ஒன்று திரட்டிப் போராடுவதே இந்த வேலை நிறுத்தத்தின் நோக்கமாகும்.  

                                              வேலை நிறுத்த   விளக்கக் கூட்டம் 

இதன் முதற் கட்டமாக தமிழக JCA  சார்பில்  எதிர் வரும் 16.02.2012  அன்று மாலை  சுமார் 06.00 மணி அளவில் சென்னை  அண்ணா சாலை தலைமை 
அஞ்சலகத்தில்  ஒரு   மாபெரும் வேலை நிறுத்த விளக்கக் கூட்டம் நடைபெற உள்ளது. 
சிறப்புரை : தோழர். K.V.  ஸ்ரீதரன் , பொதுச் செயலர் , அஞ்சல் மூன்று, NFPE 
                        தோழர். D.  தியாகராஜன், மா பொதுச் செயலர், FNPO

அனைவரும் வருக !                                                               அலை கடல் என திரள்க ! 

                                                      போராட்ட  வாழ்த்துக்களுடன் 
                                                                J.R. மாநிலச் செயலர்.  
( (குறிப்பு : JCA  சார்பில்  வெளியிடப்படும் NOTICE  இன் நகல்  அனைத்து கோட்ட/ கிளைச் செயலருக்கும்  அனுப்பி வைக்கப் படும் . )


Four monthly meeting  with the  Chief PMG, TN

The four monthly meeting  with the  Chief PMG, TN  is notified to be held on 20.02.2012 at 10.30 AM
in the  premises of  O/O Chief PMG, TN Circle.  Com. J. Ramamurthy, Circle Secretary and Com.
J.Sri Venkatesh, Circle President  are  attending  the meeting on behalf of  AIPEU GR.C TN Circle.The administrative side will be represented by all the PMGs  headed by Chief PMG, TN Circle. 
The subjects were already sent to the Chief PMG and   published in our web site earlier.

                       Next RJCM meeting   is proposed to be held shortly - subjects called for

The official copy of the  recorded minutes of the   RJCM meeting  held on 24.08.2011 is yet to be 
received at our end. Our Circle Secretary ( Member RJCM) has placed 22 subjects on the meeting
and for several items  the reply furnished in the draft copy  were not reflecting  the actuals and hence
the draft copy was returned back by our P3 union  thrice, requesting for suitable corrections. 

Despite of  repeated attempts, suitable  reply was not agreed by the Circle administration and hence 
our Circle Secretary  insisted for  recording "disagreement:" in the  final  recorded minutes.The
Circle administration says  that they never faced such "disagreement' recordings in the past and 
as such they felt much.  Our Circle Secretary(Member RJCM)  is fighting for the common cause of
the  general staff without compromise. Hence we could not receive  the recorded & agreed minutes 
till date.

By this time ,  due to the  strike agreement ,  they have to notify the  RJCM meeting in due time
and hence  subjects are called for,  for the next meeting  scheduled to be held  shortly. The last
date fixed for the receipt  of the   subjects, is  13.02.2012. Hence  Our Circle Secretary requests
our Circle Office bearers/ Divisional/Branch secretaries to send  their  item of subjects through
e-mail to the Circle Union on or before 12.02.2012.

RJCM  is the highest body in State level and represented by all the  PMGs headed by Chief PMG, 
on behalf of the administration.The Circle administration cannot record replies arbitrarily.  Recordings 
should be made on the actuals based on the  outcome.  The final reply  is binding  all the PMGs,
including  the Chief PMG.

Any no. of subjects can be taken up in the RJCM and   the subjects should be only in general
nature and  should not be  'individual cases'. Hence Our Circle Secretary(Member, RJCM)
reqeusts  all,  to send  the subjects of general nature  immediately. Any comrade seeing this
web site may kindly inform  this matter to their Divisional/Branch secretary  immediately.

                              Bi-monthly meeting with  the PMG, Central Region.

The bi-monthly meeting with the  PMG,CR is  notified  to be held on 17.02.2012 (Friday)
at 15.00 hrs. at the   premises of the  O/O PMG, Central Region. The last date for receipt of
subjects is  fixed as 14.02.2012. Hence all the Circle Office bearers/Divl/Branch secretaries
of Central Region  are requested to send  their item of subjects to the Circle Secretary,
so as to reach on or before 13.02.2012 ,  possibly through e-mail, to avoid any loss of time.
Com. J. Ramamurthy, Circle Secretary and Com. A. Manoharan, Regional Secretary are
representing  the meeting  on behalf of AIPEU Gr.C TN.

Circle Union e-mail. address : aipeup3tn@gmail.Com.

Grant of Uniform and kit maintenance allowance


Release the Pension/DCRG of employees against whom minor penalty proceedings concluded after retirement



In order to implement the assurance given by Hon’ble Minister for States, Communications on 22.01.2012 to the staff side, the Postal Board has constituted a high level committee to examine the GDS cases including cash handling allowance and full protection of TRCA. The committee will submit its report within one month, Dept. of Posts Memo No. 5-1/07-WS-I dated 02.02.2012, constituting the committee, is published below: -

JCM (Departmental Council)

JCM Departmental Council held on 10.02.2012. Ms. Manjula Prashar, Secretary, Department of Posts, presided. All Postal Board members and senior officers were present. All notified items were discussed. Minutes of the Standing Committee meeting held on 02.02.2012 and todays meeting will be published shortly. Strike charter of demands/items were not discussed again. It is assured that progress report on all the items discussed earlier will also be furnished to the staff side.


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Clarification regarding default fee in RD and calculation of Post Maturity Interest.

SB ORDER NO. 31/2011
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001, Dated: 20.01.2012
All Heads of Circles/Regions
Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi.
Subject:- Clarification regarding default fee in RD and calculation of Post Maturity Interest.
Sir / Madam,
The undersigned is directed to refer to this office letter of even number dated 13.12.2011 (SB Order No.31/2011) and Corrigendum-I issued on 20.12.2011 and Corrigendum-II issued on 02.01.2012 on the subject. This office is still receiving phone calls regarding charging of default fee in RD from 1.1.2012 under modified rules and calculation of PMI. Following further clarifications are issued on the subject:-
In case of RD
Since the rule of default fee and the software have not been amended, no default fee is to be charged if the above rule is not followed till the rule and software is amended. Default fee provision will remain the same. This rules has been got modified to avoid rush of RD work in the last week of a month. Amendment in the rule for charging default fee shall be taken up with Min. of Finance once the work of putting stamps on all the RD Passbooks is completed and depositors become familiar about the change.
In case of PMI
It is further clarified that PMI is to be calculated for the complete month from the date of maturity and remaining part of the month is to be ignored. Revised example is given below:-
if an account was matured on 26.8.2009 and the depositor attends the post office on 30.01.2012, he/she will be paid PMI at the rate 3.5% from 26.08.2009 to 25.12.2011 (28 complete months) and at the rate 4% from 26.12.2011 to 25.01.2012 (one complete month). Period from 26.1.2012 to 30.1.2012 (being part of month) will be ignored.
Yours faithfully,
(Kawal Jit Singh)
Assistant Director (SB)
The issue was seriously discussed during the talks held on 10.1.2012 while pointing out the irregular orders released without making necessary corrections in the softwares.



FAQ on LTC issued by DOPT

Dear comrades,

Please click the title  "FAQ on LTC issued by DOPT" to view the information.


Regulation of strike period


JCM Departmental Council meeting Dated 10.02.2012