Monday, 10 June 2013

Department of Posts to seek Cabinet nod for Rs 1,900 crore funds


NEW DELHI: Department of Posts has started inter-ministerial consultations for seeking Cabinet approval on around Rs 1,900 crore fund requirement to start Post Banks in the country. 
"DoP will need around Rs 1,900 crore to start Post Banks in the country. This includes Rs 500 crore paid-up capital required under new banking licence guidelines and rest is for other capital adequacy norms that Post Banks will need to fulfil. Cabinet note has gone to various ministries to seek their views," a government official told PTI. 
The Department of Posts (DoP) has plans to apply for banking licence to offer full-fledged banking services along with postal services through post offices. 
The RBI has issued comprehensive guidelines for new bank licences. It has fixed July 1 as the last date for filing application by interested entities. 
The DoP has proposed to start 50 bank branches in the first year and scale it to a total of 150 branched in 5 years. 
There are around 90,000 bank branches in the country and provision of real-time banking services through postal network is estimated to triple the current banking network. 
Finance Minister P Chidambaram in this year's Budget speech said Post offices will become part of the core banking solution ( CBS) and offer real time banking services. He proposed provision of Rs 532 crore for the project in 2013-14. 
The Post Banks are proposed to be owned by DoP but with a completely independent board, governance structure and operations. It will have representation from Ministries of Finance and Communication & IT. 
"The branches in first phase will be opened in tier 1 to even very small cities with foucs on rural and retail micro, small and medium enterprises," the official said. 
India postal network has 1,54,822 post offices in the country. Of these, 1,39,086 are in rural areas and 15,736 are in urban regions.


Software (e-PPO utility) for processing pension cases 


Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Central Pension Accounting Office
Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi.
CPAO/Tech/e-PPO/2013-14/ 57
Office Memorandum
Sub: - Software (e-PPO utility) for processing pension cases.

1. Optimum utilization of manpower with speed and accuracy has been a thrust from the time immemorial. The revolution in Information Technology has made it possible to overcome it to a greater extent. So far, in Central Pension Accounting Office Special Seal Authorities authorizing the banks for making payments of pensions have been generated after feeding the relevant data manually based on special seal authorities received from different Pay & Accounts Officers. On the basis of this feeding data-base of pensioners is updated in Central Pension Accounting Office.

2. But the manual feeding of data involves engagement of lot of manpower which takes considerable time and leaves scope of clerical errors at the part of Central Pension Accounting Office leading to improper maintenance of Central Pension Accounting Office's data-base, wastage of manpower, over/under payment and delay in payment.

3. To obviate the above situation and to facilitate PAOs of Central Civil Ministries/ Departments to issue the PPOs electronically of all Govt. Servants retiring from June, 2013 onwards, the 0/o the CGA and Central Pension Accounting Office has developed a software for uploading the e-PPO. The facility for preparation/ generation of text file for Central Pension Accounting Office's databank is available in the Pension Module of COMPACT.

4. The Pay & Accounts Offices may upload the text file on Central Pension Accounting Office's website in the following manner:-
Login (using User ID & Password of Annexure-III) ---> e-PPO uploading ---> PPO upload --> PPO and nominee upload Form 1 A upload file --> submit. The PAOs have to upload both PPO and nominee details.

5. The Other procedure i.e. sending of PPO and hard copy of SSA etc. will remain unchanged. This issues with the approval of Addl. Controller General of Accounts.

(Dr. Dilip Kumar)
Controller of Accounts



Department of Posts to move cabinet note to apply for bank licence 


The Department of Posts will move a Cabinet note in order to apply for a banking license by the stipulated deadline of July 1, a senior official has said, even as a top Finance Ministry went public with doubts over the efficacy of the post office being converted into a bank. 

"We are moving a cabinet note now and after that we will be applying for the licence. After the cabinet note, we will go ahead with setting up the bank," Postal Services Board's member, planning, Suneeta Trivedi, told PTI here. 
Trivedi asserted that the Department will be making the application by July 1, which is the last date set by the Reserve Bank for receiving applications.
The department of Posts has engaged consultancy firm Ernst & Young for helping it at the application stage by creating the "whole concept" of the bank and has already gathered all the know-how to enter the fray. 
However, Department of Financial Services Secretary Rajiv Takru seemed to be not so much interested at the prospect of India Posts entering the banking fray. 
There is a lot more to banking than merely having the reach and opening savings accounts, he told reporters, adding that it also involves very complex things at the back end and seemed to suggest that a Japan-like case, where the postal department has a bank, may not work in the country. 
When asked about the same, Trivdei said, "We have worked out all on the know how, about everything. There is nothing like that" and added that there is no rethink on the part of the Postal department. 
Sector watchers suggest that if financial inclusion is the ultimate aim in granting new licences in this round, the entry of the department will be highly beneficial to the agenda being pursued by the Reserve Bank and the Government.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

36th Circle Conference of Tamilnadu P3 union was held at Kumbakonam from 5th to 7th June 2013. After a long gap, all the leaders decided to work together and total unity is restored. Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General NFPE & General Secretary P3 inaugurated the conference. Com. K. V. Sridharan, Ex-General Secretary P3, Com. K. Raghavendran, Ex-Secretary General NFPE and other leaders addressed. Com. Sreevenkitesh, Com. J. Ramamurthy & Com. Veeramani are unanimously elected as President, Circle Secretary & Financial Secretary.
NFPE Congratulates the Tamilnadu Leaders for their success in bringing total unity in P3 which will lead to total unity in NFPE including GDS in Tamilnadu Circle.
(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General, NFPE

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

36 வது  மாநில மாநாடு  

மாநில மாநாடு  -- மாநில செயலர் அழைப்பு விடுத்திருக்கிறார் 
கடந்தகால கசப்பை மறந்து  -- ஒற்றுமை மாநாடாக இருக்க வேண்டும் 
என்று மாநில செயலர்  கூறி இருக்கிறார் .

ஒற்றுமை  ஓங்கட்டும் 
            ஊழியர்கள்  பிரச்சினை  நீங்கட்டும் 
              பழைய காலங்கள்  போல் -- அஞ்சல் மூன்றின்  பெருமை  சிறக்கட்டும் 




Monday, 3 June 2013

Even after 65 years of independence, “ED System”, one of the legacies of the British Raj, with three lakhs work force is being continued, carried forward, and entrenched as the system of cheap labour and exploitation by the Government of India in the Department of Posts. 
The Extraneous Departmental Agents which was the nomenclature of the GDS during the British regime and equated with the Government employees became the "extras" of the Department after independence. Justice Talwar declared that they are holders of Civil Posts as per the Supreme Court Judgment and should be called as Grameen Dak Karmachari with departmental status. But the Government of India has chosen the nomenclature as Grameen Daks Sevaks not as Karmachari and not accorded the civil servant status for all purposes.

The GDS Rules were subsequently amended in 2001 and 2011 and made the GDS as holder of Civil Post "outside the civil service" categorically with the fixed definition that they should not be equated with the regular Government servants and applied only to the Disciplinary rules which is also not a statutory one. They have been denied the prorate wages at par with the Departmental employees. The pay has been termed as Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA). All the positive recommendations of Justice Talwar Committee were buried and cemented after the implementation of Natarajamuthy Committee. Even the pro rata to the minimum of the Government scale has not been ensured to the existing GDS and there is a heavy loss to all the GDS after the implementation of his report.
The GDS is now equated with the part time workers like Anganwadi workers. Their status has been lowered. The rules were modified to deny everything to this exploited category further. The protection of TRCA which was in existence since 1970s was taken back. The recruitment rules for postmen and MTS were amended deleting the provisions of seniority selection among GDS and introduction of open market recruitment. The combination of duty is the order of the day. The conditions put forth for filling up the vacant GDS posts will never allow to fill up the posts regularly. The medical benefits have not been implemented.
The Bonus which was granted at par with Departmental employees was snatched away and files were constructed in such way to deny all the benefits to GDS permanently. There is a clear discrimination between the regular and GDS officials and they lost many things. Protection of pay granted in 1986 was frozen. Now after one year there is no protection and the reduction will take place. Bonus ceiling reduced to Rs.2500 from Rs.3500. The GDS workload norms were tightened. The vacant GDS posts have not been filled up. The indiscriminate combination of duties is the order of the day and there is no pro-rata wages to GDS as per the Sixth CPC. The 100% promotional avenues enshrined for the GDS in MTS and Postmen recruitment rules were modified and open market recruitment is resorted to. The relaxation of standard in the question papers has been withdrawn and now tightened with the pattern of CBSE Xth standard resulting many vacancies were not filled up and will go to the open market, thus the GDS will be deprived of fair chances.
            The economic development during the six decades as a whole in the nation in general and in the villages in particular has brought several modern changes in the livelihood of the common man in the country. His needs and wants have been upgraded. The Department of Posts is considered as the most useful vehicle to reach out to all those common men in the country for delivering the packages of different Ministries, departments of Government and for State Governments. 
            The most important products of Postal Life Insurance and Rural Postal Life Insurance are getting introduced to the general public through these Grameen Dak Sewaks and these sections of the Postal Workers are the mainstay in the business development of these products in the present competitive insurance sector. There are multifarious products and works that are being carried out by these Grameen Dak Sewaks and it is beyond doubt that the scope of business among the crores of rural population wholly dependent on these segments of Postal Workers. Such a vital section of Postal Employees is being treated as non-regular Government Employees by the Government is nothing but naked exploitation for the purpose of denying legitimate dues to them. 
This NFPE appeals the Government to implement the Justice Talwar Committee recommendations at least on civil servant status to the GDS as it is categorical in its recommendations that ED Employees are to be treated as Civil Servants for all purposes and that all perks, privileges and benefits are to be extended as like the other regular Government Employees. 
The NFPE calls upon the Government of India to change its mind-set on the system of ED employees or Grameen Dak Sewaks from that of non-regular exploitative cheap labour system into the system of regular departmental employees and that a methodology should be construed to departmentalize all the existing GDS within a time frame.
The NFPE also notes with concern that the stand taken by the Postal bureaucracy in the aftermath of formation of 6th CPC to deny stoutly either to remit the consideration of pay revision of three lakhs of GDS to the  6th CPC or to constitute a Pay Body headed by a Justice as like Justice Talwar had led to the formation of a retired officer headed committee called the Nataraja Murthy Committee that loaded its recommendations with a lot of anti-GDS character to snatch away several existing benefits like pro-rata wages on par with comparable departmental cadres as well as the parity in bonus ceiling quantum etc. 
This NFPE urge upon the Government that as observed by the 4th CPC it is the prerogative of the Pay Commissions to go into the issues of GDS also instead of forming any separate committees for these category of employees in the Department of Posts and hence the pay revision issue of three lakhs of GDS shall be remitted to the 7th CPC on its formation.
Notwithstanding such a revision of wages for the GDS through the 7th CPC, NFPE resolves to urge upon the Government to modify its retrograde stand of rejecting parity on bonus ceiling to GDS with all other sections of workers and employees under the Bonus Act and reducing the bonus ceiling from 3500/- to 2500/- in an arbitrary way based on the reactionary recommendation of the Nataraja Murthy Committee and come forward to remove this discrimination immediately.
NFPE urge upon the Government to direct the Authorities of Department of Posts to have a thorough discussion with the Federations and GDS Unions on all other issues of GDS and in particular the 32 charter of demands formulated by the AIPEU GDS (NFPE), the associated member of the NFPE including the time factor, the changing of Recruitment Rules of Postman and MTS that contains clauses against the interests of GDS as well as modifying the Conduct and Disciplinary Rules on par with the regular employees in every respect.
National Federation of Postal Employees also resolves to launch a powerful movement and consistent struggle along with the affiliated unions of the National Federation of Postal Employees for the settlement of all justified demands of three lakhs of GDS if the Department of Posts and the Government of India fail to redress the basic issues of this section of employees within a justified time frame.
NFPE Further like to make clear that in case the Government continuous its negative attitude towards GDS and refuse to include GDS under the purview of the 7th CPC the entirety of the Postal and RMS employees including GDS shall go on indefinite strike till the realization of the demands. NFPE calls upon the postal and RMS employees including GDS to be ready for such an action if situation warrants.
nfpe gpo


அன்பிற்கினிய எமதருமைத் தோழர்களுக்கு இனிய வணக்கங்கள் !

அஞ்சல் மூன்றின் மாநில மாநாடு !  36 வது மாநாடு ! இது ஒரு ஒற்றுமை மாநாடாக மலரட்டும் ! உங்கள் அனைவரின் மனம் திறந்த ஒத்துழைப்போடு ! கடந்த காலத்தின் கசப்புகள் மறைந்தே போயின !  எதிர்காலம் ஒற்றுமை ! மேலும் ஒற்றுமை ! ஆம் ! இது காலத்தின் கட்டாயம் !

முதலாளித்துவ, ஏகாதிபத்திய சக்திகள் , உலகமயம் என்ற பெயரில் , தாராளமயம் என்ற பெயரில், வணிக மயம் என்ற பெயரில்  அடித்தட்டு மக்களுக்கு  எதிராக , உழைக்கும் வர்க்கத்திற்கு எதிராக தாக்குதலைத் தொடுத்திருப்பது கண்கூடு !  தபால் துறை ஏதோ தனித்தீவு அல்ல ! இன்சுரன்சு துறை போல , வங்கித்துறை போல, பொதுத் துறை போல , சில்லறை வர்த்தகம் போல, விவசாயம் போல எங்கும் எதிலும் தனியார் மய ஆதிக்கம் ! அதற்கு நடைபாவாடை விரிக்கும் மத்திய  அரசு ! BSNL ஐக் 'கபளீகரம்' செய்தது போல நம்மையும் 'கபளீகரம்' செய்யக் காத்திருக்கும் பன்னாட்டுநிறுவனங்கள்! 

இந்த முதலாளித்துவ சக்திகள் கொடுத்த பலத்தால், அரசு கொடுத்த தைரியத்தால் , அடக்கி ஆள  நினைக்கும் அதிகார வர்க்கம் ! இதனை எதிர்க்க உலகத் தொழிலாளர்கள் மட்டும் ஒன்றுபடுங்கள் என்று  நாம் குரல் கொடுத்தால் போதாது ! நம்மிடமும் ஒற்றுமை வேண்டும் ! அந்த திசை நோக்கி தீர்மானிக்கும் மாநாடாக இது மலரட்டும்! எதிர்காலத்தின் போராட்டங்களுக்கு இது விதை களமாகட்டும் ! 

அந்த திசை நோக்கி உங்கள் அனைவரையும் வருக ! வருக! என இருகரம் நீட்டி வரவேற்கிறோம் நாங்கள் ! மாநாட்டு நிகழ்வுகளை நான்கு நாட்களும் பொறுப்பெடுத்து நடத்துகிற குடந்தை கோட்டத்தின் வரவேற்புக் குழு , தஞ்சை மாவட்டத்திற்கே உரிய  மண்ணின் மனத்தோடு  உங்களை வரவேற்க காத்திருக்கிறது !  தாராள குணத்தோடு முன்னடி வைத்து வாசலில்  வரவேற்க காத்திருக்கிறது.! அவர்களும் நம் தோழர்களே ! அவர்களுக்கு நீங்களும் உதவிக் கரம் நீட்டிட நாங்கள் வேண்டுகிறோம் ! ஆம் ! 

நன்கொடை  முடிந்த மட்டும் உதவுங்கள் !  முடியாதவர்கள் மீதமுள்ள நன்கொடை ரசீது புத்தகங்களை சரியான கணக்கோடு திருப்ப ஒப்படையுங்கள் ! இது முதல் வேண்டுகோள் !

இரண்டாவது வேண்டுகோள் !  சார்பாளர்  மற்றும் பார்வையாளர் கட்டணம்  ரூ . 750/- என நிர்ணயிக்கப் பட்டுள்ளது . GDS  தோழர்களுக்கு ரூ.600/-. அந்தப் பணத்தில் ரூ. 400/- பெறக்கூடிய  ஒரு தரமான SHOULDER  BAG , FILE  COVER , பேனா , NOTE  PAD  என மொத்த கொள்முதலில் ரூ. 300/- பெறுமானத்திற்கு உங்களுக்கு மாநாட்டு நினைவாக வழங்கப் பட உள்ளது. மீதமுள்ள ரூ.450/- இல்(GDS ரூ.300/-இல்)  தான் மாநாட்டு நாட்களில் தரமான , காலை, மதியம் ,இரவு உணவு , அதிகாலை காபி, 11.00 ,மணியளவில் தேனீர்,  மாலை 4.00 மணியளவில் ,  தேநீர்  மற்றும் சிறு உணவு  உள்ளிட்டவை வழங்கப் படவுள்ளன !.  இது இந்தக் கால விலைவாசியில் நிச்சயம் முடியாது என்பது உங்களுக்குதெரிந்திருக்கும் !  

எனவே  மாநாட்டு நிகழ்வுக்கு வரக்கூடிய அனைத்து தோழர்களும்  தயக்கமின்றி , சுணக்கமின்றி  சார்பாளர் / பார்வையாளர் கட்டணத்தை கட்டுமாறு அன்புடன் வேண்டுகிறோம். கோட்ட/கிளைச் செயலர்கள் /மாநிலச் சங்க நிர்வாகிகள்  தயவு செய்து இந்த விஷயத்தில் கவனம் செலுத்திட வேண்டுகிறோம். முதல் நாள் காலை சிற்றுண்டி தவிர  இதர உணவுக்கு கண்டிப்பாக  உணவுக் கூப்பன் இல்லையென்றால் எவரையும் அனுமதிக்க இயலாது என்று உங்களுக்கு தெரியும்.

"எக்ஸ்ட்ரா கூப்பன் கொடுங்கள்""எக்ஸ்ட்ரா BAG  கொடுங்கள் " என்று எந்தத் தலைவர்களையோ , மாநிலச் சங்க நிர்வாகிகளையோ , வரவேற்புக் குழு  பொறுப்பாளர் களையோ தயவு செய்து எந்தத் தோழரும் நட்பு அடிப்படையில்  INFLUENCE  செய்து அவர்களுக்கு சங்கடத்தை ஏற்படுத்திட வேண்டாம் என்று அன்புடன் வேண்டுகிறோம்.  இப்படி ஒவ்வொரு நிர்வாகியும் செய்யப் போனால் என்ன ஆகும் என்று  உங்கள் சிந்தனைக்கே  விடுகிறோம் அதனால் தான் இந்த வேண்டுகோளை  நாங்கள்   விடுக்க வேண்டிய துர்ப்பாக்கியம் !  தவறாக எண்ணாதீர்கள் !

இது உங்கள் மாநாடு . உங்கள் ஒத்துழைப்பு  இருந்தால் மட்டுமே  சிறப்பாக , ,மகிழ்ச்சியாக மாநாட்டை  நாம் நடத்திட முடியும் ! அந்த திசை நோக்கி சிந்திக்க வேண்டுகிறோம் ! உங்கள் ஒத்துழைப்பு நிச்சயம் உண்டு என்று எங்களுக்கு தெரியும் ! அதற்கு  முன்னோட்டமாகவே எங்கள் இதய பூர்வமான  நன்றியினை உங்களிடம் தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறோம்.!

என்ன தோழர்களே ! மாநாட்டில் சந்திக்கலாமா ? 

தமிழ் மாநில அஞ்சல் மூன்று   சங்கத்திற்காக 
அனைத்து மாநிலச் சங்க நிர்வாகிகள் .






Post office saving bank account holders in Bangalore can experience new ATM card facilities shortly
BANGALORE, INDIA: When you hear 'ATM', what is the first thing that you relate to it? I am sure, many of us, including me, relate it to savings bank ATM card.
How about an ATM card similar to a debit card/ATM card issued by a bank for postal account? Sounds different right?
Yes, the Department of Posts, in an effort to provide enhanced solutions to its customers is all set to launch the first Automated teller Machine (ATM) in Bangalore GPO premises shortly, through a core banking solution.
Last year, the department of post had announced that it has plans to set up 1,000 ATM centres at different post offices across the country, with an aim provide better customer service through IT enablement of business processes and support functions.
Implementing new banking solution enables postal department to offer all kinds of services that are offered by private banks to more than 200 million post office saving bank (POSB) accounts holders in 1.55 lakh post offices.
When CIOL enquired about the launch of India's first India Post ATM, an official concerned with the Bangalore post office said, on condition of anonymity, that the ATM facility will be launch shortly with good features.
He further added that the postal ATM card enables POSB account holders to withdraw money from any bank ATM, provided they have enough savings.
"POSB account holder need not rely only on Post Office ATMs," he added.
Recently, TCS announced that it had bagged a Rs 1,100 crore, six-year contract from the Department of Posts to provide end-to-end IT modernisation program to equip India Post with modern technologies and systems to enable it to serve more services to more customers, in an effective manner.
The IT modernisation project dubbed 'India Post 2012' will help the department achieve a wider reach among the Indian population through increased customer interaction channels and through new lines of business


The sixth CPC in para 1.2.13 of its report under the caption “Cadre Review” made the following observations – “Accordingly, as a matter of policy, the commission refrained from undertaking specific cadre reviews, that in any case need to be carried out within an institutional frame work”. Govt. of India has accepted the above recommendations of the Sixth CPC. Subsequently the Govt. has issued detailed instructions to all Ministers and Departments to undertake the process of Cadre Restructuring within their institutional frame work.
Accordingly, Cadre restructuring committees are constituted in most of the departments with the representatives of the staff-side. In Railways, the process is completed and waiting for approval of the Ministry, in Income Tax the proposal is awaiting Cabinet approval, in Central Secretariat orders in respect of certain cadres already issued. In many other small departments also the process is nearing completion.
In the Postal department the cadre restructuring of Group-C, Postmen, Mail Guard and MTS is long overdue. Department and Govt. implemented many cadre restructuring schemes for    Group- A and Group-B cadres. In the Group-C, Postman, Mail Guard & MTS cadre, the supervisory responsibilities are totally undermined after the introduction of TBOP and BCR scheme. The then existing Supervisory structure in each cadre was not properly nurtured and not improved to carry out the higher Supervisory responsibilities in tune with the changing technology. The supervisory posts in certain cadres are totally dismantled. There is absolute justification for restructuring the entire cadres. But the attitude of the Postal Board is totally negative despite several written assurances.
The Staff-side comprising NFPE and FNPO raised the issue of cadre restructuring in the charter of demands for the indefinite strike from 13.07.2010 In the marathon discussion held on 12.07.2010, the Secretary, Posts assured as follows in the minutes – “A committee comprising DDG (Estt.), DDG (P), and Director (SR) and three members of the Staff side, to be nominated by them, will be constituted to examine proposals in detail and submit recommendations. The entire process is to be completed before the close of the year i.e., 31-12-2010”. Again during the strike charter discussion on 01-07-2011, the Secretary, Posts gave the following assurances in the minutes – “The demand of the staff-side regarding cadre restructuring was discussed and the Chairperson agreed to reconstitute the committee under the Chairmanship of DDG(P), the Committee will finalize the proposals before 31-08-2011. Again on 12-01-2012 the Secretary, Posts assured that – “the Staffside expressed their concern about undue delay in finalization of the proposal on which the Chairperson desired finalization of this process by 31st March, 2012. It was assured that timelines would be adhered to”.
As regards restructuring of Postal Accounts it was informed that the proposal was cleared by JS & FA and stands referred to Secretary, Posts. It was also decided to have a separate Committee for MMS staff under the Chairmanship of Ms. Sandhya Rani, PMG(BD), Andhra Circle and with Director (MV) as other official members. The staff side members are also included. The committee was directed to submit its report within three months.
Assurances after assurances are given by none other than Secretary, Posts but nothing materialized. Finally as an insult to injury, the cadre restructuring proposal of Postal Accounts which is already been finalized by the Committee is returned to the PA wing of the Directorate after keeping the file pending for more than one year, stating certain irrelevant issues which has no relevance on the cadre restructuring proposal of Postal Accounts Staff. Similarly, in the status Report on the items included in the memorandum submitted by the Postal JCA on 01-04-2013, it is informed as follows : “DDG(P), Chairman of the Committee informed that he has submitted his report on 06-11-2012 to the DDG (ESTT.). He has been requested to submit full report with enclosures duly signed by the Committee Members….!!!!! Nothing is mentioned about the Postal Accounts wing. Regarding MMS, it is informed that the report is submitted is under process. All the cadres including PA, SA, Postman, Mail Guard, MTS, Admn. Staff, Postal Accounts, MMS, System Administrators, accountants, Postmasters cadre, SBCO etc., are all eagerly waiting for the outcome of the cadre restructuring.
Thus it can be seen that the lethargic and indifferent attitude of the Official side members of the Committee and the unhelpful attitude of the Postal Board is the root cause of the delay.
Even though the new Secretary, Posts after taking over charge has assured that action will be taken for  expediting the finalization of the cadre restructuring proposals, nothing seems to be moving. A situation has arisen wherein the employees can not be allowed to suffer any further. The Postal JCA has viewed the situation with grave concern and shall embark upon serious agitational programmes including non-cooperation, if the authorities till try to drag on the issue on one pretext or other. NFPE Federal Council to be held at Hyderabad from 9th to 12th June 2013 shall also review the entire situation and take appropriate decision for a united action.

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