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On 27.12.2011, Discussion on 25 point Charter of Demands has been held with the Postal Board -Member (Personnel), Member (Operations), Member (PLI) and Member (Planning). The discussion lasted for eight hours. Even though the staff side has elaborately explained all the demands raised in the Charter, there was no favourable or result-oriented settlement on any of the demands. Thereafter the Central JCA met and decided to go ahead with the strike decision. It is decided to intensify the campaign. Accordingly the Central JCA calls upon all the Branch/Divisional/Circle Union to organize MASS Dharna in front of all Circle/Regional/Divisional offices on 10.01.2012. It is also decided to organize candle-light protest demonstration/procession/rallies on all important places on 16.01.2012. Further all intensive campaign such as squad work, conventions, general bodies, press conferences etc may be organized at all levels. Make the indefinite strike from 17.01.2012 a historic success

A Clarion call to protect centurion old postal services

Despite our desire to maintain peace and tranquillity for the advancement of service and the workers, we have been pushing again and again towards the wall and forced us to take confronting position just in order to save the service and its workers.
                During   the July settlement, we were optimistic that the Postal Board would honour its commitments which were given in writing and led a peaceful passage for better improvement of service. Perhaps it is our apprehension, that it may be due to the clear mandate of some sitting at the decision taking level with the collusion of some courier agencies or with foreign forces which have taken pledge to pull to pieces the postal from Govt. Services.
                When the department introduced freight carrier through Air India, we record our observation that it would not improve service but deteriorate. But nobody hears. What happened? The freightcarrier has been dropped after one year resulting in the known minimum loss of 300 crores! Just to justify the weight of the freighter carrier, speed post and other articles were back routed and inordinate delay was noticed resulting hue & cry from the circle heads too.            
The very same coteries which were responsible for the freighter carrier,is now annoying to introduce L1 & L2 in sorting despite the fact that they know very well that it will lead to delay in delivery and cause inconveniences to the staff. The inordinate delay in delivery of speed post articles within intra circle resulted in growth of couriers in towns. If there is a loss of even one rupee, the contributory factors are misused against the innocent officials. Whereas for the known Rs 300 crore loss, who was held responsible? What action was taken against them? Whether the same persons’ harpingon  L1& L2 will be taken forward as a reward for the loss caused by them in freighter carrier? We are suspecting that as such in the past many senior postal board members and senior officers became the consultants of couriers and licence holders of franking machines to loot the postal revenue.Is there any lobby or a conspiracyin existence in the Directorate for deterioration of the postal services leaving behind the brighter chance for the growth and development of postal service?.
Can the department come out with the real picture about the realisation of BNPL dues to be cleared by the firms? One institution inChennai has not paid BNPL amounting to the tune of 14 lakhs over nine months despite the fact that it should have been cleared within a month.Crores of rupees are being kept unrecovered amount under BNPL. Is it real business, the department is entertaining now? Without settling the existing loopholes in the service and revamping the service by motivating the staff, the department proposes to introduce L1 & L2 with the definite intention to cause delay in delivery of letters.Can we remain mute spectators allowing the things or will it not be our responsibility to resist such move from the point of a constructive and disciplined organisation? This is the million dollar question before us.
                The Secretary, Department agreed to revise the cash handling points for GDS and also to give protection of TRCA. It was agreed to consider revision of bonus ceiling to GDS as Rs 3500/-. The proposals for the above were simply turned down by the internal finance (not Finance Ministry). Shall the postal Board not be vested with powers to set aside the unwarranted objections raised by IFW and honour its commitments in writing with unions during July agreement? Payment of minimum wage to casual labourers as per 6th CPC wages is the right as per Supreme Court and earlier orders of DOPT. But this has been denied repeatedly by internal finance by raising unwarranted queries and calling for details? What the Postal Board is doing?
                The IPS officers started their lobbies for the seventh cadre review! Even some minutes were issued for the discussions had with IPO/ASPOs! Whereas more than seven meetings were held so far but there is no minutes; no process. Still we are remaining in the in the initial stage only. The delay over three years in deciding cadre review exhibits the unfairness being extended towards the lowest cadres of the department. The cry of the system administrators could not reach the deaf ears. The acceptance to allow for IPO/Group B exam of Postmaster Grade I officials has not been honoured.
                There is no periodical meeting with unions over eight years. There was only one Departmental Council meeting held over six years. The Department is bluffing in the JCM National Council that the meeting are being held regularly in the Postal Department! It appears in the JCM National Council minutes also. Is it not shameful to give such false reply to the JCM National Council, the biggest body constituted by the Govt of India to redress staff grievances? There is no action yet by the department for acceptance of nomination from postal side to represent the national council.
                The postal workers’ distress has reached the climax and they are not in a mood to await further with hopes any longer as they are totally ignored and neglected by the authorities.There is a sign of desperation and frustration everywhere and in every one’s mind due to protraction in finding the first cadre review proposals where the powers started silently to pursue their seventh cadre review.
                Inspite of the best efforts made by the Federations and unions to proceed cautiously, the mounting discontentment and dissatisfaction prevailing among themasses of postal workers due to the firm determination of the Govtand Postal Board in deterioration of mail services by the proposed L1 & L2 introduction arbitrarily against the wishes of the postal workers, are now finding exposition through sporadic actions here and there like Karnataka, Kerala & Maharashtra Circles.
                All these incidents are but writing on the wall and should serve as a pointer to the authorities responsible for running the administration in the country. They should take a note of it before it is too late.This is our last word and in a sense and a warning to the authorities. Let us hope that good sense will prevail and everything will be considered with a changed outlook so that the postal workers are enabled to serve the postal department with contentment and zeal and render every possible for cause of service in the current days of competition.
Let us therefore organise the workers for a massive strike from 17.01.2012 and record our protest and discontent demanding a fair settlement on all the charter of demands.
Rise like lions after slumber
 In unvanquishable number,
 Shake your chains to each like dew,
Which in sleep has fallen on you –
You are many – they are few.          Shelly.


28.12.2011 அன்று நடந்த PMG CCR  உடனான இரு மாதங்களுக்கு ஒரு முறையான  பேட்டி சுமுகமாக நடைபெற்றது.  இதன் முடிவாக

1. OUTSOURCING  அளிப்பது குறித்து ஏற்கனவே இலாக்கா முடிவு எதிராக
    இருப்பதாக கூறினாலும் , நாம் வைத்த  வாதங்களைக் கொண்டு , 
   அந்தந்த    கோட்ட அதிகாரிகளுக்கு  சுற்றறிக்கை அனுப்புவதாகவும்
    அவர்கள் மண்டல  அலுவலகத்திற்கு அளிக்கக் கூடிய கோரிக்கை
    அடிப்படையில்  உத்திரவு வழங்கப்படும் என்றும் பதில் அளிக்கப்பட்டது.
    கோட்டச் செயலர்கள் உடன்  கோட்ட நிர்வாகத்தை அணுகுமாறு
    வேண்டுகிறோம்.   PMG  இன் கடித  நகல் பெற்று அனைத்து கோட்ட/
    கிளைச் செயலர்களுக்கும் அனுப்பப் படும்.    

2 . இது போலவே  புள்ளி விபர கணக்கில் வராத வணிகப் பணிகளுக்கு 
     அதற்காக இலாக்காவுக்கு அளிக்கக் கூடிய கமிசன்  தொகையில் , அதில் 
     பணி புரியும் ஊழியருக்கு 25%  INCENTIVE  ஆக வழங்கிட அனைத்து
     கோட்ட அதிகாரிகளுக்கும்  உத்திரவு அளிக்கப் படும் என்றும் பதில்
     பெற்றுள்ளோம் . கோட்டச்  செயலர்கள் உடன் கோட்ட நிர்வாகத்தை
     அணுகுமாறு வேண்டுகிறோம்.  PMG இன் கடித நகல் பெற்று அனைத்து
      கோட்ட/கிளைச்  செயலர்களுக்கும் அனுப்பப் படும்.

3 . VELLORE FORT  அஞ்சலக  பட்டுவாடா பகுதி  VELLORE H.O. உடன் 
     இணைக்கப் பட்டதை  மறு பரிசீலனை செய்வதாக PMG அவர்கள் 
     உறுதி அளித்தார்கள் .  ஜனவரி  முதல் வாரத்தில்  நேரிடையாக
     தானே  வேலூர் சென்று  ஊழியர் குறை கேட்டு பிரச்சினையை
     தீர்ப்பதாகவும்  உறுதி அளித்தார்கள்.


1 .  சென்னை வட கோட்டத்தின் ,  கோட்ட அலுவலக கட்டிடத்தின்
      பிரச்சினை குறித்து   கடிதம் அளித்து அவரிடம்  பேசினோம்.  நிச்சயம்
      இந்தப்  பிரச்சினை அவசர அடிப்படையில்  தீர்க்கப் படும் என்று
      உறுதி அளித்தார்கள் . இது குறித்து  உடன் நடவடிக்கை எடுத்திட
       FILE  NOTE  உம் அவரால் அங்கேயே அளிக்கப்பட்டது .

2 .  அரக்கோணம்  கோட்ட அலுவலகம்  ராணிப் பேட்டை தலைமை
      அஞ்சலகத்திற்கு  மாற்றப்படுவதாக எடுத்த  முடிவு கை விடப்படும்
      என்று   PMG  அவர்கள் உறுதி அளித்தார்கள்.  மாற்றுக் கட்டிடம்
      பார்த்து அளித்திட  ஊழியர் சங்கங்களின்  ஒத்துழைப்பும் அளிக்கப்
      படும் என்று  அவருக்கு  உறுதி அளிக்கப்பட்டது.

நாம் எடுத்து சென்ற பிரச்சினைகளில்,  நாம் வைத்த வாதங்களின் 
அடிப்படையில் ,   ஊழியர்  பிரச்சினைகளில்  சாதகமான முடிவுகளை
எடுத்த PMG CCR   அவர்களுக்கு  நமது  நன்றி !


J.R.,  மாநிலச் செயலர். 

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The Minister of State in the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Shri Sachin Pilot informed the Rajya Sabha that Government is not proposing to amend the Indian Post Office Act 1898. It is proposed to replace the existing Act and a Draft Post Office Bill is under consideration of the Government.

Replying to a written question the minister said the highlights of changes proposed to be brought through the new legislation are as follows:

1. Opening of market by reducing the exclusive privilege of Central Government:

Gradual opening of the market by phase wise removal of the monopoly proposed. Exclusive privilege reduced upto 150 gm. in case of letters and upto 50 gm. in case of express mail. Couriers can carry letters even within 150 gm and 50 gm (the reserve area) subject to them charging twice the postal rates for letters and twice the rates for express service.

2. Sunset clause

A 15 years SUNSET clause for complete removal of exclusive privilege in express service and Parliamentary Review of exclusive privilege in case of letters is proposed.

3. Universal Service Obligation of the Central Government:

As proposed, USO is defined as the obligation of the Central Government to provide, through the Department of Posts, basic postal services at reasonable access, affordable price and with specified service parameters throughout the country. Commitment to provide postal service, delivery and access to post office 6 days of the week except holidays.

4. Definitions:

Definitions of certain 'terms' are proposed keeping in view the definition adopted by different countries, as also the requirement of customers i.e.

(a)"Postal services" means services provided by the Central Government or on its behalf and includes services related to

(i) handling of addressed letters,

(ii) handling of addressed parcels and packages,

(iii) handling of addressed press products,

(iv) handling of these articles as registered or insured mail,

(v) express services for these articles,

(vi) handling of unaddressed articles,

(vii) Value Payable Post,

(viii) money remittance

(ix) Post Office Counter Services

(x) services on behalf of any Ministry or Department of the Central or State Governments, or services on behalf any other organization

(xi) other services not specified elsewhere;

b) "courier services" means services related to the handling of articles of mail i.e. collection, sorting, dispactch, conveyance and delivery including

(i) handling of addressed letters subject to provisions in Section 4,

(ii) handling of addressed parcels and packages,

(iii) handling of addressed press products,

(iv) express services for these articles subject to provision in Section 4

(v) handling of unaddressed articles,

(c) "express services" means postal / courier services related to handling of articles of mail and expedited delivery within a clearly specified and declared time limit with confirmation of receipt and with or without end-to-end integration to ensure track and trace and a record of delivery;

(d) "Registered Courier" means any person registered as such under Section --- and includes his employee or agent or assignee;

(e) "Licensee" means a Registered Courier who has been given licence under Section --;

5. Registration and Licensing:

The Central Government may grant registration to any person undertaking the provision of any courier service in India, who shall be called a Registered Courier. T he Central Government may also grant license to any Registered Courier, who shall be called a licensee, for providing certain specific services. There is no registration fee or licences fee. Licensing conditions involve adherence to quality, guarantee relief to customers in case of any deficiency in service and commitment to ensure confidentiality and security of letter. All operators will require registration for providing any type of courier service in India. But license will be required only for reserve area, USO and letter mail.

6. Registering Authority:

It is propose that Central Government shall appoint Registering Authority, in such manner and to perform such functions, as may be prescribed.

7. Appellate Authority:

An Appellate Authority is proposed for redressal of grievances of any person aggrieved by an order of Registration Authority.

8. Setting up Extra Territorial Offices of Exchange (ETOE) and International mail Processing Centers (IMPC) abroad:

Central Govt. may establish ETOEs/IMPCs in other countries for providing international Mail Services including express and parcel services subject to arrangements with such Postal Administrations regarding terms and conditions.



With declining snail-mail traffic, dipping revenue and mounting losses, the Indian postal department is struggling to maintain its relevance in the age of internet and emails. According to the figures from India Post, there has been a 30% dip in its revenue from the sale of postage stamps in last four years — from R777 crore in FY08 to R555 crore in FY11. Worse still, the sale of postage stamps has declined in 20 states in the last four years, which translates into nearly 60% of the 154,000 post offices in India.
            Sales of postage stamps is considered the benchmark for measuring the popularity and efficiency of India Post. In its own admissions, the postal department has accepted that there had been an overall decline in mail traffic in the last three years. And this comes at a time when the Indian postal department is staring at a revenue loss of around R6,000 crore while its gross expenditure has virtually doubled to around R14,000 crore in the last four years.
            In its submissions made to a Parliamentary panel recently, India Post has conceded "negligence" on the part of its officials and termed "managerial failure" for the sharp shortfall in the revenues realised from the sale of postage stamps in the country.
            "Regarding ordinary mail, first-class mail, I agree that there has been some negligence for quite some time now. The staff were doing exactly as they wanted. Mainly, I would agree, it was a managerial failure," a senior postal department official told a Parliamentary panel recently.
            According to the latest India Post figures relating to the last three years, sales of postage stamps declined sharply in states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand. Sales dropped marginally in states like Bihar, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, among others. The only saving grace for the department are the states of Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, where the sales of postage stamps saw a healthy growth.
            "The decline in postage stamp sales can also be gauged from the shortfall of around 7 crore mail traffic in the last three years. Mail traffic includes both unregistered and registered mail," said a government official.
            As reported by FE in August, the Parliamentary Standing Committee has already pulled up India Post. The panel had directed the department to concentrate on increasing its revenues using all available means, including increasing revenues from the sale of postage stamps.
            "The department should pay focused attention on ordinary mail and identify areas where the revenue has been declining," the panel had said. The postal department has also been told to expand its business activity by adopting aggressive marketing strategy.
            While there are over 150,000 post offices operational in the country, there are over 400,000 villages that still do not have a post office.
            However, not all is lost for India Post. Its figures indicate the fast-growing popularity of its Speed Post courier service. The revenue contribution of the service to the department has jumped by 45% over the last three years. In 2008-09, Speed Post generated R515 crore in revenue, which grew to R749 crore in 2010-11.
            "The traffic for Speed Post and express parcel posts in 2007-08 stood at R18.37 crore which jumped to R28 crore in FY11," the postal department said. As a result, now the government is aiming to add 40 premium Speed Post delivery centres this financial year.