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எதிர் வரும் மாநிலக் கூட்டு ஆலோசனைக் குழுக் கூட்டத்தில் அதன் உறுப்பினரும்  நமது அஞ்சல் மூன்று மாநிலச் செயலருமாகிய தோழர் 
J.R.  அவர்களால் எடுக்கப் பட்டுள்ள ஊழியர் பிரச்சினைகளை உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு கீழே அளிக்கிறோம்.   

The Chief Postmaster General, & Chairman, Admn. Side, RJCM,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.
                                         Sub:  Subjects  for  discussions  at  the  next  RJCM Meeting – Reg.
The following  item  of  subjects  are proposed to be taken up  by the  Staff side,  for discussions  during  the ensuing   RJCM  meeting.  The same may kindly be  entertained.
1.  Re-opening of   item No. 11   since  the  case  is not  settled, despite  taken up with the  PMG, CCR.
The staff at  Anna Road ,  Chennai GPO and in City Dns., Trichy Region are suffering  a lot   on combination of duties, resulting  to cover the extended  mileage on one hand  and    they are pressurized  to  ensure 100% delivery on the  other hand. This affects   the services badly. Request    to permit   engagement of  outsiders  on leave/vacant places.
2. Re-opening of  item No. 18 since  in many areas  staff are suffering much  to cope up  with the  large scale  e-MOs,  with  the presently available very old dot matrix  printers.  Even  the batteries  are in worn out condition   resulting  in UPS failures, facing with  ultimate sufferings in the  8 hours  power cuts scenario  in most  rural areas.
3.  Re-opening of  item No.19,  though  replied  to  return  back  the  deputationists  in phased manner,  it was  not   done    till time.  The deputationists and  many  temporary transferred officials have completed  two tenures  at  Circle Office , but  rules and  instructions are adhered strictly only to those in operative சைடு. Violating  all these , again  willingness is called  for,  for  fresh  deputations  to C.O. and R.O.
4. Re-opening of item No.27 . Request  to settle   the issue   since  the  deputations   are  now  to  exceed   the period  of  one  year   by April 2012.
5. Re-opening of  item No.  33   since   not  settled  till date , despite  taking  up this issue  in the bi-monthly meeting  again  by the service unions.
6. Re-opening  of item  No. 34  since not settled till date,  despite taking up this issue  in the bi-monthly meeting  again  by the  service unions.
7. Re-opening of  item No. 35  since   not  settled  till date , despite  taking   up  this   matter with the      PMG,  CCR  by   the  Group C  union   repeatedly on 09.01., 31.01,  and  03.02.2012. Also Rule 38   
tfd  officials  are  placed as seniors in the Gradation list  overlooking  the  Divisional  seniority .

8. Re-opening of  item No. 47  since  the  case of  Erode  City  is not  settled  till date.
9. Non revision of FSC  in most of the  Divisions  throughout  Tamilnadu Circle  though  ordered   by     Dte.  on    02.12.2010. Already taken up with the  Regions.
10. Non supply of  APAR  to the officials in most of the Divisions within the prescribed  period  to prefer 
      any appeal as per  the  orders  of  the    Dte. dt. 14.05.2010.  Already  taken up with the  Regions.
11.Dequarterisation of  the post offices  which  are not having   adequate space,  lack of basic amenities and
     ineligible dwellings -  Hence  the officials  forced to  hire  rented house for   their   family.  Already taken
     up at  R.O. level.  To cite an eg.
        Tirupur East, Vijayapuram, Karamadai SOs-Tirupur Dn.
       Kethi, Newhope, Kilkothagiri, Kullakambi, Seaforth SOs-Nilgiris Dn
       Mallikundam, Danishpet SOs – Salem West Division.
       Washermanpet,  ICF Colony  SOs- Chennai City North Dn.

12. Repairs  to Nandanam Post Office  building . The  weathering  course  at the top of the building  is completely damaged  and   there  is   seepage  of  water  to the  entire  office portion    during   rainy days.  This  was  taken up  with higher level  and pending   for long.

13. Attending  of  problems relating to Park Town  HPO building   i) Insufficient water  supply  ii) Arresting of water leakage in the  ceiling at the second floor iii) Replacement of existing pipe line and supply of new motor for  water supply.

14.Grant of Road Mileage allowance to System Administrators  as per  Dept.  orders  No. 1-02/2011-PAP dt.  17. 01.2012.
15. Grant of training allowance to the instructors who imparted PA  induction training to the new recruits at
     Temporary PTC, @ RGMTTC, Meenambakkam and Vinayaka Mission Engg. College, Salem  as per 
      Dte. lr. No. 33/89-98 PR I (PCC)  dt. 17.6.98  communicated  vide  CPMG, TN  Lr. ESB/134-1/98 
      dt. 29.6.98.
16. Drawal of annual  increments  to  the officials  who  have  not   passed  the  confirmation examination 
      earlier, Since   the  confirmation exam  is  now   scrapped as per the  revised  PA rectt. Rules.
17. Request   for applying uniformity   in deciding  Rule 38 / temporary transfers   throughout  the   Circle-
      Even Mutual  and  spouse category transfers  are not allowed  in  some  Regions within TN Circle.
18. Non filling up of  GDS  vacant  posts   in many  Divisions   throughout  Tamilnadu Circle, despite clear
      cut orders of  Directorate,  leading to making  of local arrangements  on the  whims of the  authorities Trichy Dn.
19. Redeployment of  GDSSVs  in  some  Regions,  against   Directorate   orders ,  despite   justification of
       work load of more  than 3 hours ,  leading  to increase  in the   work  load  of  Counter P.A.s.
20.  Combination of  GDS  posts  by the   sub-ordinate  authorities  in Central Region leading  to  the work
       load  of exceeding    5 hrs.  which  is against   the   orders  of  the  Directorate.
21. Extension  of   business  hours   up to  5.00 PM  including  Saturdays  against  ILO  norms   and against 
      5 day week-  administrative office / 6 day week - operative office principles.  Request  to  withdraw  the
22.  Drawal of   officials to   duty   on Sundays   on regular  basis ,  which is   human rights violation  and
       against  ILO norms .  The  income  received  through  poor  traffic on Sundays   against the  
        expenditure on Electricity, maintenance,  establishment charges   etc, leading  loss  to the  department 
       also. Request  to withdraw  the  orders.
23.Extension of counters  in late   nights even up to 09.00 PM  and compelling  to perform  OT duty
      by the  same  staff  leading  to  13 hours   duty on daily basis , which is  violation of human rights and 
      against  ILO norms.Also against  NPO norms.
24. Non implementation of  Dte.  order  No.  25-5/2010-PE I dt. 19.7.2010 for the past 2 yrs.   in order 
      to  restore  the surrendered   posts  of  6%  operative and  20% Supervisory posts.
25. Measuring  of  distance  factor in Multi storied buildings ,  new extension areas  and congested area 
      factor  to assess  the  work  load  of  the  Postman staff.  Without doing   so  any  abolition or  
      combination of duty  will lead to  suffer  the delivery efficiency.
26. Filling  up  of all  LR   posts   in Postman  and  PA  cadre,  as per  the norms.
                                                                                                                                                                                        27. 27. Restoration of the post of  Sorting Postman  which were re-deployed/abolished in many Divisions
      and  filling  up  of  the   post s  lying vacant   as  per  the   Directorate  orders No.25-20/2008-PE I
      dt 12.07.2011.Also  request for filling up of all the vacant Mail Overseer,  Cash Overseer, Head
      Postman  posts  pending   for long.
28.  Conduction  of  training  classes, meetings/melas  in  Sundays  & Holidays  against   the   Labour  
        interest ,  denial of  their  legitimate rights and  making  the   staff  in restlessness  mood ,  preventing 
        from  discharging  their  domestic  duties, thereby snatching  personal& civic  liberty .  After   JCA 
        indefinite  strike agreement,   though   it was stopped  a  while, now  recommenced  again  on  
        11.03.2012 onwards  in  Tamil Nadu  Circle. violating  Dte   orders no. 16/56/2011-SR  dt
29.  Payment of  GDSGIS   amount  to the   GDS  officials  who  were promoted/ retired/deceased  as per 
       the  revised  table of benefit  released vide. No.P 1/Fund A/cs/EDA GIS 92 Table of benefit/11-12 dt. 
       01/5.12.2011 of  Director, PLI, Kolkata. Cases  pending  for more than 2 years.
30.  Delayed supply of uniforms and other kit items   in good  quality  to Postmen  and  other  eligible postal
        Employees  and  to associate one  representative of the staff union  in purchase committee , as per 
        Dte. Lr.  No. 23-5/2007-UPE (pt) dt.  03.01.2012.
31.  Grant  of peripheral  HRA  in  consonance with the  List of  Urban Agglomerations  notified in 2011 
       Population totals released by the  Census of India  2011 of Govt. of India, instead  of awaiting for  
       dependency certificate  years-to-gether  from  the  respective  Collect orates.  It is well declared in the 
       Census  of  India 2011 that the  notified  urban agglomeration  is a continuous  urban spread 
       constituting  a town and its adjoining  outgrowths.
32.  Request to declare  the  ‘ real balance’ as per   SBCO  records,  in order  to locate   the  actual minus  
       balances    since   agreements  are  made    twice  in a year  and   interest  statement   is  released
       once  in a year.  Without  declaring  the  ‘ real balance’   officials  are  tortured   to  settle   the  cases
       of minus  balances. Without confirming  the  ‘real  balance’,  withdrawals/closures  are made  on the
        pressure applied by the  depositors and     by the administration, with reference to the PBs.
       This  results in contributory negligence factors and  recoveries.
33.  Grant of  special  pay  to  all  the  Accountants    including  those  who are  granted with 
       MACP I, II,  III.

34.  Grant of  Treasury allowance to  all Pas  working  in Treasury panel  including   those who are granted 
       with  MACP I, II, III.
35.  Request to issue   guidelines    for  Treasury  postings,  taking  in to account  the  seniority  criteria 
       including  MACP  I, II, III officials.
36. Request   for  preparation/issue  of  Gradation list  periodically  in all the cadres  as  per  the  basic  rules
       of  the  Department, including  LSG, HSG II, HSG I, PM Grade I, PM Grade II  officials.
37. Filling up of   MTS  posts   in  PRI (Mails) ,  Park Town HO.
38. Abrupt stoppage of   Short Duty staff  in many  Regions,  resulting   in unmanageable  works, to the 
      existing staff due to  attending  un-provided  item  of works,   un-nor med  business   item of works,  
       permanent  deputation to  un-provided   areas  like  IMT,  DSM/SA. ME,  PLI/RPLI  decentralization 
       works  etc.  Request  to  restore  the  SDC services, besides   meeting  acute shortages.
39.  Exploring drawing facilities  from  Nationalized  Banks in most  rural areas, where   Bank  facilities are 
       available, Since remittance of  special  cash  to   SOs  are   heavy   in present  days,  which  is  high 
       risk and  no safety  measures are  followed  by the   Drawing  authorities,  including  Police escort.
40.  Request  to restore normal functioning of  P&T Dispensary at Trichy.  The   service  is  disrupted  due 
       to  non filling up of the vacancies, abrupt  termination of  outsourced staff, no sanction  for  any new 
      appointments-   Patients subjected  to  numerous hardships .
41. Request  to  grant   periodical meeting   to the Circle Union  with the  Director , Foreign Post as in the 
      case of  Past,  since   it  is a separate  unit  equal  to a Region.
42.When general permission requested for some  any urgent or natural calamities / to attend death, order of
      the Director is sought for in Foreign Post.  It is requested to take necessary action with higher level  to 
      give  independent  charge of this unit.  Till such time, some  alternate arrangement  may kindly be made 
      like to down  grade to next grade and  make   independent charges of  the post.
43. As there is no In-charge in IPO cadre at Foreign Post,  Meenambakkam area, it is very hard to face
      day  to day  problems. It leads unwarranted interference and threatening of staff by the SSRM,
      Air Mail Stg.  DN.,  which is  beyond  his  jurisdiction.  Hence it is requested to  redeploy  one
      IPO/ASPOs  post  regularly at Foreign Post, Air  Complex, from among  three of the IPO line  
      officials [ASP(A), ASP(O)  and IPO(M&C)] holding seat at Foreign Post, Chennai 600 001.   
43. Staff at  Foreign Post are compelled to dispose the late receipt of mails on the day itself and dispose,
      even after   close of office hours. Ladies are also detained in late hours usually,  leading  to  unsafe 
       night  returns and  raising   of  domestic  problems. Alternate solution  is  requested.
44. Request  to fill up the vacant MTS Post in Foreign Post Division. As on date 28 vacant Posts  
      (out of 80 ) are found  as per  establishment  register / norms.
45. Request to  fix hoist for loading and unloading mail bags at Foreign Post, Air complex, 
      Meenambakkam,  Chennai  600 027,  since  MTS   are forced to load and unload mail bags/heavy 
      bags to first and second floor  at  this complex, which  is   felt very  hazardous.
46.RPLI  harassment  in  various  Divisions  by the  Divisional authorities,  to   make  fictitious  policies to 
     increase    the  number  and   premium.  No. of live  policies  does not  reflect  the   procurement  figures 
     shown at  the close  of  the   previous financial year. Eg.Karur.
    Operative  staff  are  forced to go out on duty hours  to  canvass the policies,  resulting  in adverse 
     complaints  from among public ,  which badly affect  the services.  Instead,  the  field staff may  be 
     fully engaged in  canvassing  the business.
47. Acute shortage of Computer  printing  Sheet  in various Divisions  for eg. Tiruvannamalai.  Almost all the
      offices   were  now  computerised. Oneside paper or rough sheets are being used. It is very difficult to 
      manage. Postmen   delivery slips are  now printed in one side Mail lists that too not sufficiently 
      available.  Staff are forced to  purchase    white  sheets  from  their  own pockets. Already taken up in 
       monthly meetings  in various Divisions.

48. Supply of mineral  water  for  drinking purposes to  the staff  in General.  When this was made in 
      Tiruvannamalai  Division, deduction was made in the wages of   the contingent  staff    and  this amount 
      was utilized for  the  purchase  of  the  water  cane, inhumanly . eg. Chengam, Thandarampattu and 
      Vengikal SOs.
49. Request to supply 100 KVA  generator  to  Salem  HO and  early erection of  motor  at the  newly  
      made bore well   At Hasthampatti HO.   Request   for provision of   lift   facility  at  Salem HO. 

50.  The maintenance  work   of  Postal Staff  quarters  at  Nilgiris  Division was not  made for  the past  10 
       years  Including  white washing,  rewiring,   and   attending of petty works. Request  to  take  action  in 
       this regard.
51. Proposal of  justified augmentation of   PRI(P)  post  at  Chrompet  S.O. , which was sent  to  higher 
      level for  Approval  is   pending  for long .  This  may kindly be   cleared  to meet   the  public  
52.  Request   for  supply of  UPS and Generator power  line  to  BPC, Tambaram  HO.  Staff are
       suffering   Long.
53.  Financial assistance cases from Circle welfare fund may be expedited  early,  since the  assistance is 
       required to meet  the  emergent  situations. Long pending cases:-  Prolonged illness case of  
      Sri.K.Balasubramanian, APM,   Coonoor,  and  loosing of both the legs  in road accident while on 
      duty-case co Sri. Ismail, Postman, TTPundi HO.
54. Long pending cases of  Arakkonam Division :- 1)Kirlosker generator  of Arakkonam HO is not 
      functioning  from   28/09/2011 and HO is facing  lot of difficulties  in the power cut scenario.
      2)Construction of compound wall of Walajapet  HSG II SO Which kept in long pending . Both
      pending  with R.O.

55. iiregular directing  of  DSMs/SAs  as Trainers  in Local Training  Centres,   instead  of  earmarking 
     Trainers exclusively  for the purpose  as in the case of past  eg. Central Region.  This affects  the 
     day-to-day duties of the DSMs/SAs,  prevent  from attending  emergent  failures of  systems  in
     operative offices,  besides wastage of  training    classes  in the  shortage  scenario,  with the 
     unskilled  teaching efficiency of the  DSMs/SAs. 

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