Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Request To Federations regarding COMPASSIONATE APPOINTMENT.
It is the right time to discuss about compassionate appointment because of the announcement of 7 th central pay commission.Compassionate appointment is not like other appointments,it is a thing that gives life to the suffering family without their prime earning head.
Most of the higher level employees (ie Grade A&B) might have their future security plans for their family.But in the case of Group C employees, they may not have any future plans,as their salary used to run their day-to-day life.
Sudden death of employee due to disease or accident is a massive loss to the family.That family might have many commitments like education,marriage of their children , medical expenses of aged parent etc.,For such family, compassionate appointment is the only permanent solution.
Hence the following requests are submitted to the notice of Federations regarding Compassionate appointment
1 5% ceiling in compassionate appointment should be removed.

2 All the deceased employees legal heir must get the appointment.

3 Duration regarding appointment should be minimized .

4. If there is no vacancy,the appointment should be made for Future Vacancy.

5 Compassionate appointment might be given to married son like as it is given to married daughter.

6 Welfare officer should verify the situation of the family, yearly once after giving appointment.

7 If any complaints received from other family members against the successor, immediate action should be taken regarding the complaint.
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