Sunday, 25 September 2011

Meeting with PMG CCR : 20-9-2011

Today we met the  PMG CCR  and discussed the following  burning issues of CCR .

1. Extension of speed Post Counters at late night in various offices in CCR leading to 10.00 AM to    10.00 PM duty for the counter PAs,  Gr. D, APMs, Treasury and Mail Branches.
2  Extension of  business hours  of  MPCM  upto 06.00 PM  in various offices in CCR.

PMG CCR discussed with us  in depth  and  totally seized of the issue.  He informed
that  the intention of the  administration is to  extend  counter facilities  to the  public especially in city area. However   he categorically assured that  no official will be  brought into duty beyond the prescribed eight hours.  He further instructed his subordinate over phone  that  all SSPOs., should be  suitably instructed  accordingly  with  specific instruction of   operating  separate spells of  counters ie. 
a) 10.00 AM to  06.00 PM. and
b) 01.00 PM to 09.00 PM.
We have further raised the apprehensions  of the officials doing  back office work  like Treasury,Mails and  Supervisor,  he has assured  to mitigate  the problem too; further informed that  it is only on trial basis  and will be reviewed after  3 months.  Even after this  if  there be  any ground level problem , so arises,   that  would also be addressed  positively.

We thank  PMG CCR  for  his  kind   intervention.



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