Monday, 19 August 2013

FOUR day’s strike withdrawn @ Chennai G.P.O

            It was instructed that the existing two batch system (Registered, MO (I): 43, Speedmen (I, II): 15) existing at Chennai GPO for delivery of Accountable and Un-Accountable articles should be clubbed together and it should be made two batch system (Registered, MO, Speedmen (I): 56, Speedmen (II): 11) w.e.f 14.08.2013.
Entire Postmen Staff of Chennai GPO stopped working, protesting the intervention and massive protest demonstration took place in front of Chennai GPO on 14.08.2013. Circle President, AIPEU P3, J.SriVenkatesh presided over the strike on the first day. All the Postmen staff went onto third day strike on 16.08.2013 (since 15th is a holiday). Talks were held @ CPMG’ Office, CCR on 16.08.2013 by the Union leaders but Officers continued to negotiate only. On the next day (i.e. 17.08.2013), AIPEU P4 staff decided to step down a bit and decided to agree for the modified two batch system if few beats are included in both the batches which was proposed to be 60 beats for 1st delivery and 10 beats for 2nd delivery. Talks were held between the PMG, CCR and the P4 Union at Chennai GPO Delivery hall .

Following were present at the meeting:

Official Side:

1.    Shri.Mervin Alexander, PMG, CCR, Ch-2
2.    Shri.G.Ganesan, CPM, Chennai GPO
3.    Shri.M.B Shahjahan, Dy.CPM, Chennai GPO
4.    Shri.P.Krishnamoorthy, ASP(Inv), Chennai GPO


1.    S.Raghupathy, Asst.Secretary General, NFPE
2.    Gopu Govindarajan, Organising Secretary, AIPEU P4 CHQ
3.    G.Muthukrishnan, FNPO,Circle Secretary P3
4.    Gunasekaran, FNPO,Circle Secretary P4
5.    K.Murali, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU P3, Chennai GPO
6.    J.Purushothaman, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU P4 , Chennai GPO
7.    A.Manivelan, Divisional Secretary, FNPO P3, Chennai GPO
8.    A.Vaidyanathan, Divisional Secretary, FNPO,P4 Chennai GPO
9.    S.Anbarasan, Divisional Secretary, AIPEPU , Chennai GPO
     10. S.Nagarajan, Vice President, PEPU, Chennai GPO
      11.S Gowthaman, Secretary,Bharathiya Employee’s Union.

A demonstration meeting was held at 15:00 hrs on 17.08.2013 by the staff members of the Union with AIPEU,FNPO and PEPU P3 comrades of Chennai GPO and discussions were shared in favor of AIPEU P4 Union for their massive protest. S.Raghupathy ,ASG, NFPE gave an impressive speech  and discussed about the necessity of strike. Also, Gunasekaran,CS, P4 FNPO and R.Venkataraman, Vice President , AIPEU P3 discussed about the same and took part in the demonstration.

At 18:00 hrs, finally the administration came down and assured that the required changes requested by the P4 Union will be implemented positively if they resume to normal work immediately at once. All the Postmen staff resumed their work .NFPE congratulate the Chennai P-4 Comrades for their Heroic resistance against the implementation of beat changes and also for the great victory. Thanks to the guidance given by the Circle Secretary, AIPEU P3, J.Ramamurthy and Financial Secretary, AIPEU P3, A.Veeramani in leading the four day strike to a glorious victory. 

NFPE also thanks Shri. Mervin Alexander, PMG, CCR in bringing the strike to an impressive negotiation.


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