Saturday, 11 February 2012


Four monthly meeting  with the  Chief PMG, TN

The four monthly meeting  with the  Chief PMG, TN  is notified to be held on 20.02.2012 at 10.30 AM
in the  premises of  O/O Chief PMG, TN Circle.  Com. J. Ramamurthy, Circle Secretary and Com.
J.Sri Venkatesh, Circle President  are  attending  the meeting on behalf of  AIPEU GR.C TN Circle.The administrative side will be represented by all the PMGs  headed by Chief PMG, TN Circle. 
The subjects were already sent to the Chief PMG and   published in our web site earlier.

                       Next RJCM meeting   is proposed to be held shortly - subjects called for

The official copy of the  recorded minutes of the   RJCM meeting  held on 24.08.2011 is yet to be 
received at our end. Our Circle Secretary ( Member RJCM) has placed 22 subjects on the meeting
and for several items  the reply furnished in the draft copy  were not reflecting  the actuals and hence
the draft copy was returned back by our P3 union  thrice, requesting for suitable corrections. 

Despite of  repeated attempts, suitable  reply was not agreed by the Circle administration and hence 
our Circle Secretary  insisted for  recording "disagreement:" in the  final  recorded minutes.The
Circle administration says  that they never faced such "disagreement' recordings in the past and 
as such they felt much.  Our Circle Secretary(Member RJCM)  is fighting for the common cause of
the  general staff without compromise. Hence we could not receive  the recorded & agreed minutes 
till date.

By this time ,  due to the  strike agreement ,  they have to notify the  RJCM meeting in due time
and hence  subjects are called for,  for the next meeting  scheduled to be held  shortly. The last
date fixed for the receipt  of the   subjects, is  13.02.2012. Hence  Our Circle Secretary requests
our Circle Office bearers/ Divisional/Branch secretaries to send  their  item of subjects through
e-mail to the Circle Union on or before 12.02.2012.

RJCM  is the highest body in State level and represented by all the  PMGs headed by Chief PMG, 
on behalf of the administration.The Circle administration cannot record replies arbitrarily.  Recordings 
should be made on the actuals based on the  outcome.  The final reply  is binding  all the PMGs,
including  the Chief PMG.

Any no. of subjects can be taken up in the RJCM and   the subjects should be only in general
nature and  should not be  'individual cases'. Hence Our Circle Secretary(Member, RJCM)
reqeusts  all,  to send  the subjects of general nature  immediately. Any comrade seeing this
web site may kindly inform  this matter to their Divisional/Branch secretary  immediately.

                              Bi-monthly meeting with  the PMG, Central Region.

The bi-monthly meeting with the  PMG,CR is  notified  to be held on 17.02.2012 (Friday)
at 15.00 hrs. at the   premises of the  O/O PMG, Central Region. The last date for receipt of
subjects is  fixed as 14.02.2012. Hence all the Circle Office bearers/Divl/Branch secretaries
of Central Region  are requested to send  their item of subjects to the Circle Secretary,
so as to reach on or before 13.02.2012 ,  possibly through e-mail, to avoid any loss of time.
Com. J. Ramamurthy, Circle Secretary and Com. A. Manoharan, Regional Secretary are
representing  the meeting  on behalf of AIPEU Gr.C TN.

Circle Union e-mail. address : aipeup3tn@gmail.Com.

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